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Frequency Specific Microcurrents

In the Spring of 2022, I found FSM... the deliciously fantastic healing modality of Frequency Specific Microcurrents. It was recommended to me for a family member who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Prior to that, I had a frustrating experience of trying to find something that would help address the connective tissue condition.

I was referred to Jessie Tierney, D.Pt. at The Healing Collective in Niwot, Colorado. I'm forever thankful for Jessie's amazing expertise, attention, intuition and kindness in treating this family member. I am happy to report improvements in the presentation of the EDS condition. In addition, I've found FSM personally beneficial in treating my own pain, asthma, and vaccine/virus-related nerve issues under Jessie's care.

So What is Frequency Specific Microcurrents?

What I love about FSM is its non-invasive subtleness coupled with being impressively effective while causing no harm and minimal to no side effects. It's a very low-level microcurrent that runs through the body at very specific and targeted frequencies to help bring about an increased health and balance to body structures and the whole body system. Our body already generates the same kind of microcurrents that we are not aware of (because, as the name implies, they are very subtle microcurrents). The FSM treatments are used to help our body tissues, organs, and structures get back to their natural, balanced, and healthy frequencies through the resonance effect from the specific microcurrent frequencies.

Specific frequencies target a condition, like "remove inflammation" and a body structure, like in the liver, or skin, or muscle, or what-have-you. Those two components are what make it so specific, and why having a knowledgeable practitioner is so important.

If you want to learn more about FSM, check out these great resources:

In addition, if you live in travel distance to Boulder County, I highly recommend Jessie Tierney, D.Pt. at The Healing Collective in Niwot, Colorado.

According to The Healing Collective's site, they treat a wide variety of issues including pain (of all types), Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), many illnesses and injuries, concussion, spinal disc pain, PTSD, vagus nerve dysfunction, immune & autoimmune issues, and so much more.

Wishing you well!

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